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What is HHC? What is HHC resin?

HHC resin is not much different from CBD resin. It is a pasty and malleable product. It is manufactured via thesolid extraction of the components of the hemp (mainly flowers, pollen), to which a distillate of HHC was added. Thus, in its composition, we find molecules of cannabinoids as well as usual terpenes.



The benefits of HHCWhat are the benefits of HHC resin?

The HHC is a cannabinoid molecule present in the hemp. In terms of power, it is consideredto be between CBD and THC.

Consumers also note some similar effects to those of THC. It would have an action favoring: euphoria, relaxation, regulation of the stress and the sleep - Apart from that, some attribute to it also a potential anti-pain.



How to consume HHC resin?

To benefit from all the qualities of the resin with the HHC, consume it in the same way as with the resin with CBD. You can use it to decorate your kitchen or to give pep to your drink. It is important to let infuse the resin in a fatty substance to optimize the cannabinoid properties of the product.

Thanks to its granular texture, you can also directly sprinkle your preparations with the small grains harvested.

It is recommended to consume it at the end of the day to take advantage of its restful effects and so that it does not impact your active life.



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HHC resin, for whom?

- For those used to CBD resin and looking for a stronger option
- For consumers looking for a product to spend a relaxing end of day.



Important notes:

- As HHC is still new, it is advisable to learn about the molecule and to consume it with caution because the effects could vary depending on the consumer.
- To consume by small dose during your first use.
- Do not consume this product before driving or during the day
- Not suitable for professional drivers or heavy industry workers.
- Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
- Reserved for people over 18 years old (21 years old in some countries).
- Keep cool and out of the sun



FAQ HHCHave you asked yourself these questions?


1️⃣ What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, is a cannabinoid found in hemp. It was discovered in the 1940s by the American chemist Roger Adams. It is only recently that it started to rise in popularity. It is often referred to as a more potent cannabinoid than CBD with effects similar to THC, but softer.

HHC is mainly found in pollen and hemp seeds but in low concentrations. It is often synthesized in the laboratory through a process called hydrogenation.


2️⃣ What are the effects of HHC?

According to the consumers, the HHC would be more powerful than the CBD. Its effects would be similar to those of THC.

The benefits include mood enhancement, soothing of muscle discomfort, physical and mental relaxation and a slight high.

For the moment, there are still few studies on HHC to specify exactly the actions of HHC and its possible side effects. Here is a list, not exhaustive, some are speculated, others affirmed: increase in appetite, increase in body temperature, mood change, dry mouth, red eyes, palpitations.

As a precautionary measure, you should be careful with your consumption and avoid any excess.


3️⃣ How do you differentiate between HHC and THC?

Hexahydrocannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinol have a similar chemical structure. HHC was discovered following the hydrogenation of THC, in 1944, by Roger Adams, an American chemist.


4️⃣ Is HHC psychotropic?

As the molecular structure of these two cannabinoids are similar, they also act on the same endocannabinoid receptors. This may explain the similarity of their effects. Therefore, it is possible that HHC is psychoactive.

To confirm this, further studies are needed.


5️⃣ Is HHC legal?

For now, HHC does not appear in the black list of narcotics established by the European Union. It is free both for consumption and for sale.

However, the products enriched in HHC respect the European standard. The level of THC must be less than 0.2%.


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